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Hey, it turns out the kid from Small Wonder isn't doing so well. It's a sad story, really. Oh well! Want to read it? You creep? From the New York Post: A former child actor, who enjoyed fleeting…   Read Story »
An unfortunate thing about this particular week in GIFs is that clearly the biggest story of this week(/all time, if you are Gabe) was the Gérard Depardieu peeing on an airplane story. But do you…   Read Story »
So, I have this pet peeve, and that is when adults pretend like child actors are people. They are not. It's fine! Someone needs to put on a cape and run around the movie set, I understand that, but…   Read Story »
Jake Lloyd is a 20-year-old young man who is like a lot of 20-year-old young men. He went to high school, and suffered the casual cruelties and careless aggressions of adolescence. He took a year off…   Read Story »
As if being a kid whose parents make her act in commercials wasn't already bad enough, one of the little girls in this commercial for Ally Bank is probably going to have lifelong self-esteem issues.…   Read Story »
The new Partnership For A Drug Free America ad campaign is all about how you have to be really tough on your teenagers to keep them off drugs, because they're not cute like newborn babies. They want…   Read Story »
More terrible news for the children of Slumdog Millionaire, of course. Woof. Well, this is what happens when you exploit people for "art" and, more importantly, "profit." It turns families…   Read Story »
The more dug-up videos I see, the more convinced I become that the 1980s was the most barbaric, un-self-aware, child-abusy, selfish, downright mean decade in our country's history. Of course, that…   Read Story »