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1. Yikes. 2. So, Chatroulette still exists. 3. Lotta dudes! 4. I do like when the people enthusiastically sing along right away because they are clearly Internet pros. 5. Gross though a little…   Read Story »
But he did go on Chatroulette during a live show over the weekend and pay tribute to the Chatroulette Piano Improv guy. So.   Read Story »
Some of your favorite independent rock and roll musicians check in with Stereogum on this latest in new media social networking. Is it weirder that Sondre Lerche ISN'T masturbating?   Read Story »
Hey, I'm no dummy! I know that sometimes the smart thing to do is just give the people what they want and then get out of the way. And apparently what you guys want is to watch this guy doing…   Read Story »
I still haven't been on Chatroulette ever, because I am going to do everything in my power to stay out of jail for as long as possible.   Read Story »