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When I saw Prometheus this weekend, I went to this new-ish movie theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (which, for those of you who haven't been there, is basically a Girls Theme Park) called Nitehawk,…   Read Story »
When the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer was released in November of 2011 it seemed to surprise a lot of people, including me, because, my goodness, that trailer was so good! So fresh, so…   Read Story »
Hey everybody, let's go see Snow White and the Huntsman this weekend! It looks great! Then let's all come back here on Monday and talk about which character we thought was the prettiest. (Chris…   Read Story »
Do you even care what this is from? Does it even MATTER? Just Kristen Stewart doing her thang. Punkers gotta punk. Girls gotta be in dresses that are very similar and not so pretty. Middle fingers…   Read Story »
It's just wonderful to watch someone who looks almost TOO comfortable deliver what has to be the most SINCERE birthday wish (see also: DOPE) to a person they definitely RESPECT for sure you can just…   Read Story »
Here are some FIRST LOOKS at Joseph Gordon-Levitt in his upcoming film, Looper. He looks mostly normal, but like he is making a weird face and has weird clothes on and painted-on beard scruff.…   Read Story »
Here is FilmDrunk's weekly roundup of movie posters. A post that makes us ask, "How many Avengers posters does everyone in the world really need?" And a post that answers, "close to, but a little…   Read Story »
There's a new trailer out today for Lena Dunham's upcoming HBO "dramedy" Girls and it looks fine. I enjoyed Dunham's feature film, Tiny Furniture, and this show clearly has the same tone, not to…   Read Story »
Guys, how intense was Restaurant Wars last week? JK. JK JK. But all the chefs are in the stew room just dealing with it. Muddling through. Can you even--did he really--who do they think--and cetra.…   Read Story »
Charlize Theron hefted her backpack onto her slender shoulders and set her face into a brave mask. Each morning, she solemnly reminded herself that no matter how bad it got out there, she would…   Read Story »