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After the jump, we have two local news stories, and they are both pretty sweet, but which of them is THE SWEETEST? Sorry, guys, but this is a dog eat dog world we live in and you can't just have two…   Read Story »
We already know that Benedict Cumberbatch is a dangerous sex monster who will say ANYTHING to permanently destroy women's reproductive organs, but now it turns out that he is also a total Birthday…   Read Story »
Gerard Butler played a charity match of American Soccer for UNICEF on Sunday long with Woody Harrelson, Mike Meyers, James McAvoy, and Will Ferrell, who got injured and had to be taken off the field…   Read Story »
Hilary Swank is OFFICIALLY SORRY for the part when she went to the lavish birthday party of a human rights violator. Yoops! She has promised to donate all of her proceeds--you know how it is when you…   Read Story »
These photos are all from a charity concert held in Russia to benefit children with cancer and eye disease. Oh, good! That is a perfectly good reason to hold a charity concert. But, also, what is…   Read Story »
Remember Falcon Heene? You remember Falcon Heene. He was the first child rapper to travel into space the attic. You might also remember his father, Richard Heene? Creator of Pscience Detecives?…   Read Story »
Videogum declared a moratorium on Juggalo news this summer after Insane Clown Posse fans threw feces on Tila Tequila because ENOUGH. At a certain point, it stops being fun to laugh at assholes when…   Read Story »
Fair enough. They always say, do unto others with the convoluted pop-cultural referencing irony as you would have them do unto you (with convoluted pop-cultural referencing irony). You can buy it now…   Read Story »
Uh, this is ridiculous. From Charlyne Yi: As Urlesque points out, it's possible that the whole thing is fake, because it is 2010, and Everything Is Fakeable. But it's probably not fake?…   Read Story »
A common misconception about the Porno Switcheroo is that it is limited to visual mediums. While it is certainly true that the majority of Porno Switcheroos occur on VHS cassettes, ripped DVDs, and…   Read Story »