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They are getting so fast at turning these around! Soon the CGI news will probably PRECOG the events themselves. Anyway, now you can see American Folk Hero Steven Slater have a post-flight melt down…   Read Story »
If last summer was the "summer of Death" then certainly we can all agree that this summer is the "summer of incredible Taiwanese CGI 'news' broadcasts."   Read Story »
At what point do we as a society require all news to be rendered into coconuts Taiwanese CGI cartoons? Perhaps a better question is: at what point do we as a society realize we can no longer afford…   Read Story »
Are you pumping it up? Because the first order of business is definitely to pump it up. PUMP IT UP!   Read Story »
Oh good. Another classic Taiwanese CGI news broadcast. Apparently Justin Bieber had a car accident and flew through the windshield and landed in front of an STD clinic before going home to look at…   Read Story »
The Taiwanese news service NMA has once again gotten to the heart of a story (Al Gore alleged sexual harassment scandal) using computer animation techniques rarely seen outside of first semester…   Read Story »
Lindsay Lohan is suing the E-Trade baby, you guys. We live in a fantastical 3D world where almost anything can happen! From the New York Post: Lindsay Lohan is suing the financial company E-Trade,…   Read Story »
The Taiwanese news program that brought you CGI Tiger Woods now gifts us with the CGI Lenon/O'Brien fight, complete with CGI Jeff Zucker. Why isn't this show on every night at 10PM for an hour?   Read Story »
This is the first image from the upcoming Marmaduke movie, and it definitely answers one burning question: Is the Maramduke movie going to be as bad as one would assume a Marmaduke movie would be?…   Read Story »
Now, I don't speak Chinese, but I think that what happened is pretty clear. Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren, both entered the neural net in an attempt to become pure energy and make all of…   Read Story »