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After building a long and illustrious film career by playing CGI goblins and Mega Apes, Andy Serkis is apparently tired of not getting the credit he deserves. (If you ask me, I feel like he gets a…   Read Story »
According to the video, this song is called "Gravity," but I think a more appropriate name would be "Space Sandals." No matter! This is very romantic. Good faces. Romantic faces. Beautiful beach,…   Read Story »
Terrible singing + green screen + sailor hats + borderline-ironic backup dancers + vague sense this is fake and possibly gay = BLOG POST. (Thanks for the tip, Aftershock and Caleb.)   Read Story »
Rise of the Planet of the Apes is the number one movie in America this week. I haven't seen it yet, have you seen it? 55 million dollars worth of people saw it. Perhaps, if you saw it, you can answer…   Read Story »
1. Did Janice Rowling really write the Harry Potter books on a single napkin? 2. After the books became an international sensation, did Janice Rowling move into a college library? 3. Do all…   Read Story »
Neat effects! Very special. Clearly, Martin Gamal is Steven Spielberg's son. Clearly, he is the CHET HAZE of the Spielberg family. (Thanks for the tip, Sachar.)   Read Story »
You may remember Wendy's cat, GarF6ield? Well, behind every hilarious CGI cat there is a terrifying CGI woman. Meet her! She is kind of NSFW, meet her! OH DEAR GOD! At least the video is the…   Read Story »
Not since the Arthur remake has Hollywood so firmly placed its finger on the pulse of WHAT AMERICA WANTS: CGI adaptations of Belgian comic books from the early 1900s. It's almost spooky how deeply…   Read Story »
Pixar has been in business for 25 years. Happy birthday, corporation! Here is a montage of all their movies and short films, which are actually really good. It's weird that no on ever talks about how…   Read Story »
Jim Carrey + CGI penguins + "Ice Ice Baby" = THIS IS YOUR MOVIE.   Read Story »