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Everyone got meningitis for a sec. on Under the Dome last night and were cured almost instantly with one dose each of antibiotics, haha, but the REAL scoop came when the two young lovers held hands…   Read Story »
Without trying to act like there's much else to focus on at the moment (unless you want to talk about how Brad Pitt can't remember faces very well and has very few friends currently but has never…   Read Story »
Does it even matter why someone from the cast of Two and a Half Men (in this case Angus T. Jones, the half-man) would come out to say that Two and a Half Men is filth that no one should be watching?…   Read Story »
From Big Bang Theory writer Dave Goetsch, CBS has purchased Smells Like Teen Spirit -- a weekly look into new evidence surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain just kidding, it's about a genius and his…   Read Story »
It looks like the next big trend in television shows based on Internet nothings doomed to fail is television shows based on Tumblr blogs! Perfect! In the future all television show will be based on…   Read Story »
I bet if this new Skyfall poster didn't have text on it you would have NO idea what movie it was advertising. Right? "Is Daniel Craig in a new movie about suits and guns? What's up with this thing?"…   Read Story »
LISTEN UP: CBS is rebooting The Brady Bunch and Vince Vaughn is the executive producer. I didn't want to keep that info from you for even ONE SENTENCE before letting you in on what everyone's buzzing…   Read Story »
A few months ago (I'm assuming), we all heard about the new Rob Schneider sitcom coming to CBS in January of 2012 called ¡Rob! about (I'm assuming) a white person who marries a loco Latina. (They…   Read Story »
Herman Cain appeared on Face the Nation over the weekend to clear up some misconceptions brought on by his super normal smoking Mark Block campaign ad. Apparently he doesn't think smoking is cool?…   Read Story »
GREAT NEWS! I have absolutely perfect news. Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst, who penned your favorite song of the '90s, "Nookie," and your second favorite song of the '90s, "Break Stuff," and directed your…   Read Story »