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There are lots of "pluses" in choosing to call the How I Met Your Mother spinoff "How I Met Your Father." Name recognition would be one of them. It makes it easy for people to understand what the…   Read Story »
As we approach what is to be truly one of the saddest weekends of our whole entire lives (on our death bed, with tears in our eyes, we'll tell our loved ones that our only regret is having ever…   Read Story »
Hostages, CBS's new limited-run thriller (meaning: shorter than normal, but not necessarily a mini-series) (meaning: nothing!), premiered last night, and boy does everyone have a secret! Dylan…   Read Story »
"Hello." "Oh, hello." "My name is Ted. I am the guy here with the sad face who needs to find love." "Oh, hello, Ted. I am a pretty lady and my skin is perfect." "There have been lots of pretty ladies…   Read Story »
After spending fourteen hours, give or take, watching celebrities fumble the introductions of other celebrities, sad tributes to people who died and not-so-sad tributes to people who died who weren't…   Read Story »
I stopped watching Under the Dome when the Time Warner's CBS blackout started at the beginning of August, so boy was I surprised to tune into the finale and find that all our old friends are STILL…   Read Story »
From the Hollywood Reporter: "Time Warner Cable dropped CBS stations Friday after the companies failed to reach an agreement over retransmission fees. The standoff has continued this week, with the…   Read Story »
You wake up in a hospital bed. You barely remember what got you there, though you still feel a bit shaken from whatever it was. Was it a car accident? don't think so. Did you get jumped…   Read Story »
From the New York Times: "The two sides in the fee dispute between CBS and Time Warner Cable stayed in their respective corners Sunday, and may not engage in further direct confrontation for some…   Read Story »
Under the Dome's potential to be a pretty good miniseries dwindled fairly quickly after its premiere, due to expositional dialogue-related fatigue, how everyone Under the Dome is legit the dumbest,…   Read Story »