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This video could have gone a lot of ways, but I for one appreciate that it just really focused on being about hot cats. "Should anything happen in the video? Should we make it more interesting?"…   Read Story »
True story: I sleep with a baseball bat next to my bed, because I hate robbers and ghosts. But I am seriously considering getting one of these instead. Just try and get my stuff, BIRDS and/or YARN!…   Read Story »
What a beautiful ceremony. CONGRATULATIONS, YOU TWO! (Via FourFour.)   Read Story »
Dear OMG Cat, Congratulations. I can only imagine how exciting it is to be the Cat of the Day. Very? I bet very. In fact, I would argue that you are the Animal of the Day. So double…   Read Story »
Even just watching this feels great! TGIF, am I right, you pets?!   Read Story »
Man: Honey, what happened to the cat? Woman: Oh, she is gone. Man: What do you mean, she's gone? Woman: Well, I gave her that Friskies you bought on Sunday, and she just started tripping balls super…   Read Story »
The ads were kind of weird during the Super Bowl this year, no? Like, for one thing, relax MEN. I'm almost positive that this is America and you can still drive whatever car you want to without…   Read Story »
You just cannot blame this guy. If they have something important to say they will leave a message.   Read Story »
(Thanks for the tip, Edith.) Related Posts: Oprah Pees For 10 Minutes   Read Story »
Oh jeez. Trust me, Cat Pal, I have been there! Good luck! He's probably not getting any of his Important Cat Work done. Or maybe he's getting ALL of his Important Cat Work Done? Sometimes it's hard…   Read Story »