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It's not my place to tell a cat owner how to raise her animal, but I'm pretty sure that cat is not bad. I'm pretty sure that cat is GREAT. (Thanks for the tip, BabyFriday.)   Read Story »
Totally right there with you, dude. WAVELENGTHS! (Via Arbroath.)   Read Story »
This guy loves soup and hates Wednesdays! He is always kicking Brodie off a table. Incidentally, we can laugh all we want at the broken human who made this (and make no mistake, the person who made…   Read Story »
We will continue to bring you updates on this story as they occur. (Thanks for the tip, Funtastik and Diane.)   Read Story »
This video is very raw. Not trying to start any trouble, but that cat is too long. Seriously. It's too long! Whatever. Don't get so mad when someone tells you the truth. (Via Urlesque.)   Read Story »
One cat is on the loose and addicted to crack. Cat crack. He is freebasing your crack.   Read Story »
I'm sure no one smells glasses filled with cat urine or pops grains of cat littler into their mouth and eats them in this cat littler commercial. Whoops! I was wrong. It's funny how you can be…   Read Story »
FINISH THEM! (Thanks for the tip, DS3M.)   Read Story »
This is genuinely terrible. Some piece of shit LITTER LOUT was caught by a surveillance camera throwing a cat in the garbage. BOOO! Where is the barrister so he can lock her up in lorry and throw…   Read Story »
Legless cat is so chill! I heard that one time, legless cat fell asleep in the ocean and that's how Hawaii was invented. I heard that Jack Johnston stole all his songs from legless cat. I heard that…   Read Story »