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I've never owned a cat. I lived with a cat once and it killed all the mice in our house, which was nice, but it also peed on everything and was unaffectionate and kind of acted like it didn't even…   Read Story »
Controversy time! If you are ever confused about whether dogs or cats are better animals, just put a dog and a cat in a room together and see which one is being cooler. 1000% of the time, the…   Read Story »
Oh the kittenmanity! If you do plan on going out on the carpet this weekend, you guys, buckle up. It's the CLAW! (Get it? The claw? Like, "it's the law," but cats have claws? Do you or don't…   Read Story »
Aren't you guys SOOOO tired after last night's The Oscars? It's crazy how exhausted you can feel after all that ADRENALINE leaves your system. This guy knows what I'm talking about. He won the Moon…   Read Story »
I had this professor in college who was a Marxist. A real Marxist! I didn’t know they still existed. He had this intense look and a wild, white beard that made him look like an Old Testament…   Read Story »
"Is this baby steppin' to me?" -This Cat   Read Story »
Cats for sale! Hot cats for sale! If you live in the Winnipeg area and you have holes in your couch, now is the perfect time to buy a banjo cat! I don't think the kitty-making machine is the…   Read Story »
We can all go home now. We're done here.   Read Story »
This, as you know, is the time of year when we REFLECT. It's a chance to break from the headlong rush into the future and remember what happened in the not-so-distant past. I don't want to get TOO…   Read Story »