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Warner Bros. unveiled the new Superman logo for Man of Steel recently. Sooo00, what do you think? Pretty Superman-y, yeah? Very Superman-y. Looks just like him. -AintItCool At some point in the…   Read Story »
This is how you end a meme. (Via FourFour.)   Read Story »
Have you ever watched American Pickers? It's a show on some channel where two guys go around to people who are selling things and sometimes they buy the things if they think they can sell them for a…   Read Story »
Between the clip posted after the jump of a woman crying because of kittens and this clip in which a big old bruiser actually falls to his knees in terror of puppies, the Animal Planet show My…   Read Story »
"By 2015, cat videos are going to represent 90% of content on the world wide web." - Dawwwwwn Drawwwwper.   Read Story »
Let's get ready for cuuuuuuteeee videoooooooooooooooooooooos! Get it? For example, this video. Haha, dog, that cucumber slice is not for you! That is for a human to eat. Do you guys remember the…   Read Story »
Dear Everyone: I love animal videos. Do you love animal videos? Tough to say. I have no idea how you feel about them because humans have LOTS of emotions and also because I do not know you. In any…   Read Story »
One thing that people really like -- significant others especially, but also just people in general -- is when you, out of love, annoy them incessantly. It's adorable and endearing and charming and…   Read Story »
Cute child: check. Cute cat: check. TRAMPOLINE: DOUBLE CHECK. There are only a few missing elements that would make this the singularity of Internet videos, i.e. the point at which Internet videos…   Read Story »
You know what is weird? Meeting people who don't spend every waking second on the Internet is weird. Like, your family, probably. Or the waitstaff at a diner. (Those are the two types of people that…   Read Story »