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I think you deserve it. (Via LaughingSquid.)   Read Story »
I know when things like this (babies dressed up like the cast of Community, a porcupine that hums the Friday Night Lights theme, a playable 8-bit "Garfield Minus Garfield" RPG online game, etc.) pop…   Read Story »
Tell your boss you're taking the morning off. This is all a bit too much. (Via TWBE.)   Read Story »
"It's hard to even remember what my life was like before meeting Lisa. I woke up in the morning and went to work, I know that much, but what did I think about all day? What occupied my mind, what…   Read Story »
Everything's going fine. You wake up on time without the aid of an alarm. In place of your french press you find a drip coffee machine, somehow, that has been programmed to brew your coffee just as…   Read Story »
What? Martha Stewart got some new kittens, so here she is biting one of them on the face. What's your deal? Haven't you ever gotten a new pet? Maybe you don't understand because you've just never…   Read Story »
Just in case you thought that after all the fireworks were turned to ash and the barbecue was eaten up and the noisemakers had wilted and the bag of Doritos was empty and the can of beer was crunched…   Read Story »
Over the weekend, a Dutch artist named Bart Jansen turned his dead cat into a taxidermied helicopter and everyone is, pardon the curse, totally shitting their pants about it. My goodness. People…   Read Story »
Has anyone been keeping up with Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show? No? That's what I thought. It's a big wide world out there, and there's something for everybody. None of us has ever seen Beverly…   Read Story »
There's going to be a Between Two Ferns special on TV before the Comedy Awards! -PopCultureBrain This is a video of a 40 pound cat, which doesn't sound like too heavy to me, but my goodness, wait…   Read Story »