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Good morning, everyone. Cute morning, everyone. This video, I'll be honest, is a bit much. Do we really need both the kitten twitching in its sleep (on its back!) (on a bed?) AND the mom bringing it…   Read Story »
This sort of feels like one of those videos where you watch it and send it to all of your parents and everyone on the internet thinks it's so cute and then after a few days you see an update that…   Read Story »
I am a man of my word. Here's a pretty legit cute video of a kitten farting. I know Gabe doesn't like to post videos of cats farting so much, but I know What Women Want. Cat farts, yes? It's been…   Read Story »
Did you guys watch President Obama's first address to the nation from the oval office last night? He was, of course, speaking about the whole "giant hell hole in the floor of the fucking ocean…   Read Story »
A new kind of cat star was born on Saturday: introducing Couch Cat, the kitten that goes to extreme lengths to avoid the cat-paparazzi. As usual with cat videos, it's especially cute at the…   Read Story »
Somehow I missed this until a tipster just sent it with that perfect title. Everything you need to know about Maru, the "Box Cat," in one video. Because Maru isn't just about boxes, he's also about…   Read Story »
Though not a natural performer like box cat, worm cat is enjoying whatever cats enjoy when they get half a million views in two weeks: From the description: "Our cat L O V E S to hide in our…   Read Story »
This cat video description really buried the lead, because the most interesting thing about "Kitty Eating A Graham Cracker" isn't the kitty eating the graham cracker. It's the intensely familiar…   Read Story »
This cat who, with a degree of single-minded ambition and drive that is scary to see in a cat, opens a thing of peanuts by himself, is the most famous cat on the internet today. (There's apparently…   Read Story »
This video is bouncing around like wildfire: time-lapse footage of a guy sleeping with his cat in his bed. The cat never sleeps: This has been around today, but I don't think anyone has pointed…   Read Story »