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Hey, this stinks! ("Hey, this stinks!" is a new catchphrase I'm working on developing, the start of a new catchphrase is always the rockiest part, plz stay with me.) Due to creative differences with…   Read Story »
James Franco is looking to cast both a "James Franco type" and a "Lindsay Lohan type" in what is to definitely be the most perfect ("non-James Franco biopic") film of our time. Plz e-mail him if ur 1…   Read Story »
I'm not sure if you've all been to church today already or what, but as some of you may know, today is St. Nicholas Day. I know that because St. Nicholas Day shares a birthday with someone who thinks…   Read Story »
Over the weekend, I engaged in the classic Halloween tradition of re-watching Michael Mann's Heat on DVD. We all did. It's a pretty good movie! It's a little long. Like, at one point near the end,…   Read Story »