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Everyone has their own 9-11 story if they were alive on 9-11 and are from the United States of America. Gabe has told his story on Videogum before, I think. Or maybe he just hinted at the fact that…   Read Story »
If you have been following the eighth and final season of Entourage, then you know that on the show, our dear friend Johnny Drama is the star of his own animated sitcom called Johnny's Bananas. Oh…   Read Story »
PBS has announced that it is developing an animated spin-off series based on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Presumably Mr. Rogers will be a CGI young wizard and King Friday will be a werewolf voiced by…   Read Story »
Mike Judge presented the first five minutes of OUR generation's Beavis and Butthead, which is also called Beavis and Butthead, at Comic-Con this week. But you can watch it here without all the Nerd…   Read Story »
Shoooooo-oooooooooot! Get it? You get it. Because of that one guy on the show! But now for children! In classic "it's the 90s" style of the Internet, someone has reimagineered The Wire as a 1970s…   Read Story »
Are The Smurfs racist and anti-Semitic? I don't know, probably? As someone who as a child used to collect Smurf figurines that he kept in a Crown Royal bag, I'm pretty sure The Smurfs are definitely…   Read Story »
Guys, after all of the nightmares and the debates over what is the what, it is Friday after all, and we deserve a wonderful treat, don't we? Treat! Treat! Wonderful treat! After the jump, I have…   Read Story »
This would be a lot more upsetting if anyone actually cared about The Flintones. I mean, it basically WAS your grandpa's Family Guy. I think we actually dodged a bullet on this one, you guys!   Read Story »
Cool. Looks great. Hey, here's a completely unrelated question: do you guys ever think about just, you know, like, giving up completely? As if perhaps all of the hard work of trying to conceptualize…   Read Story »
Pixar has been in business for 25 years. Happy birthday, corporation! Here is a montage of all their movies and short films, which are actually really good. It's weird that no on ever talks about how…   Read Story »