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You guys know about this Jet Blue pilot, right? You know. He's like the Reverse Steven Slater, who became an American Hero for telling everyone to go fuck themselves and then jumping down the slide…   Read Story »
In light of last night's premiere of Conan O'Brien's new talk show, the Internet has been humming with news of his debut ratings and how they compare to Jay Leno's and David Letterman's numbers.…   Read Story »
YouTube sensation Bo Burnham made his first TV appearance last night on Carson Daly's show and it's inexplicably not on YouTube yet! (Considering Bo's legions of followers.) Here's the video of Bo…   Read Story »
It's the end of an era! E! reports that the show that gave us Carson Daly (thanks for that) is ending: Executive producer Dave Sirulnick said Monday that the final episode of TRL will air in…   Read Story »
Vice Magazine co-creator who doesn't work there anymore href="">Gavin McInnes appeared on Last Call With Carson Daly last night in (stuffed?) tighty…   Read Story »