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Please Slow Drively.   Read Story »
Bam Margera has always been the worst from the very beginning and NO SPOILERS it turns out he's still the worst! From TMZ: Bam Margera was arrested in Iceland yesterday ... over a rental car he…   Read Story »
Why don't you and this car insurance commercial just get MARRIED already?!   Read Story »
The scariest thing to me about horror stories like last month's discovery of Amanda Berry and two other women in the home of Ariel Castro (who plead not guilty today by the way) is that the…   Read Story »
Back in 1993, a college football movie starring James Caan, Halle Berry, and Omar Epps called The Program created quite a bit of controversy when outraged parents criticized it for a scene in which…   Read Story »
After the jump, I've got some cellphone video shot from an upper-story window of a woman trying to parallel park for 14 minutes. That's what it is. I just wouldn't want you to think that you were…   Read Story »
This is not a metaphor for anything. It's just a driverless car doing backwards donuts for seven minutes. Life is meaningless and then it stops. OH WAIT! (Via BlameItOnTheVoices.)   Read Story »
Remember that lady who drove her car up on the sidewalk every morning to avoid waiting 2 seconds for a school bus to drop off a disabled child? Well a judge has ordered her to wear a sign that says…   Read Story »
The sequel to Hugo is terrible.   Read Story »
One of the worst parts about injustice is how it makes you feel invisible. The hope/desire for something to be done about it is often less about punishment and more simply about recognition. Doesn't…   Read Story »