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Aimee Mann went to brunch with Carrie Brownstein, Kim Gordon, and Amy Poehler over the weekend. What a dream! YOU HAD ME AT BRUNCH! (Brunch with Aimee Mann.) -AimeeMann Mark Wahlberg has shared in…   Read Story »
This is just a picture of Bill Murray and Kristen Wiig sharing a dance at last night's Time Warner Cable Golden Globes Party -@ScottFeinberg Jennifer Lawrence's "I beat Meryl!" line during her…   Read Story »
Anne Hathaway had a wardrobe malfunction at The Critics' Choice Awards, but luckily JGL was there with one of his hitrecord pins to save the day. HOW CONVENIENT! -HitRecordJoe From The Vault: The…   Read Story »
Saturday's Holiday episode of Saturday Night Live opened with the New York City Children’s Chorus singing “Silent Night,” an appropriate tribute to Newtown shooting victims. I thought this was…   Read Story »
WarmingGlow put together a nice collection of behind-the-scenes photos from Breaking Bad Season 5, including this winner of Aaron Paul wearing an ice pack on his head. Ladies? -Uproxx Blue and…   Read Story »
Put a THIRD on it! Ha-ha! A third season! Check out this great new clip from Portlandia: Season 3, beginning January 4th!   Read Story »
In this interview with Rolling Stone, Alia Shawkat talks about her upcoming film The Oranges as well as mostly just stuff about Arrested Development. U will like it. -RollingStone Universal…   Read Story »
Because we all couldn't get enough of what kind of dogs the characters from Downton Abbey would be if they were dogs, here's a collection of Mad Men characters as dogs. Oh! What would you be as a…   Read Story »
A sport's guy put a bird on it for Carrie Brownstein! -PopCultureBrain I've had it past my head with Downton Abbey mashups and Internet things, because, to be honest, my normal level of feeling…   Read Story »
New dates have been added to the Portlandia tour. Put a bird on it, or pickle it, or something!   Read Story »