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Don't feed the trolls lol. (Via TheStrut.)   Read Story »
Here is a video of Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope watching the "Call Me Maybe" music video for the first time. If two Internets are traveling towards each other at a thousand memes per hour at what…   Read Story »
This "Star Wars Call Me Maybe" video has been online for a whole month, and it has more than 6 million views, and yet somehow, the implosive black hole that we all would have assumed this video would…   Read Story »
1. Yikes. 2. So, Chatroulette still exists. 3. Lotta dudes! 4. I do like when the people enthusiastically sing along right away because they are clearly Internet pros. 5. Gross though a little…   Read Story »
For better or for worse, every single thing that has happened in your life so far is the culmination of an inextricable thread of an infinite number of decisions all of them inexorably linked into an…   Read Story »
This: Plus this: Equals: everything.   Read Story »
It is almost impossible how dumb this is. Most of the time they're not even lip synching. They're just grinning and pointing at their abs. Whatever. The video has gotten 4 million views in a week.…   Read Story »
Who invited your dad to the sleepover? Just kidding. Hey, remember when Colin Powell lied to the United Nations to help pave the way for the United States's illegal and on-going war in Iraq?!…   Read Story »
We have now fulfilled our sacred duty to the Elder God of Internet by posting The One True Web Video Of The Day for today and we can go back to our pathetic ant-lives on the bread crust of life.…   Read Story »