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Speaking of interviews that should never end, here is Louis CK on Canadian television (radio?) talking about does it matter what he's talking about?!   Read Story »
Michael Cera in a music video for the Islands directed by TV Carnage? Sounds like someone is getting all his ducks in a row before officially announcing his run for King of Bushwick! I predict…   Read Story »
Starring Ellen Page, Justin Long, and Har Mar Superstar: You know how it is when you and all of your movie star/Apple commercial friends get together and make a silly kind of off-season holiday…   Read Story »
Billy Bob Thornton did an interview with his band, the Boxmasters, on Canadian radio this morning. After refusing to cooperate with the patient (and way too nice) interviewer, he suddenly turned on…   Read Story »
(thanks for the tip, jeeeeesus) This young man, Nigel, age 10, created this video as part of an after school project in Montreal that teaches children how to make electronic music. There is an…   Read Story »