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Here is Mark Laroche, President and CEO of Canada Lands Company ("Duh, we know."), getting a tour of EdgeWalk, which is a thing that will open in August on the CN Tower in Canada and hooooooly moly.…   Read Story »
Dear Vancouver, Apparently something happened in your sports yesterday? Hard to tell. I'm not a big sports-head, but even down here in my nerd-hole, I've sensed the rumblings from above. Oh no!…   Read Story »
Admittedly, it might be a little too cold still to frolic in the spray of this fire hydrant, but I hope you can at least appreciate my enthusiasm. Now help me put these barricades up at either end of…   Read Story »
Canada seems like a nice enough place. Clean. A functional health care system. Poutine. I've never had any desire to live there though. AMERICA FOR AMERICAS! Just kidding. But, seriously, if I wanted…   Read Story »
Cats for sale! Hot cats for sale! If you live in the Winnipeg area and you have holes in your couch, now is the perfect time to buy a banjo cat! I don't think the kitty-making machine is the…   Read Story »
In all the excitement over the BLAHHHLIDAYZ, people almost forgot about Randy and Evi Quaid, Hollywood Refugees. NEVER FORGET! Just as a refresher: Randy and Evi Quaid are two drug-addled mentally…   Read Story »
This is the "sizzle reel" (one of my favorite kind of reels) for a Canadian reality TV show called Lake Shore that is supposed to be Canada's version of Jersey Shore. SPOILER ALERT: they nailed…   Read Story »
This guy is pissed! Once again, the faceless corporations refuse to acknowledge their mistreatment of the people! Meanwhile, a few blocks away... Doesn't anyone care? Don't…   Read Story »
Someone has put together this compilation of memorable moments from a Canadian game show for children called Just Like Mom. I've never seen it (America #1) but it looks like a really charming show in…   Read Story »
This clip from Anderson Cooper Is Mr. 360 in which an optometrist buggggs the ffffff ooouuuut is a couple weeks old, but I never saw it before (no myopo) and it doesn't matter how old it is because…   Read Story »