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Hey, you should vote tomorrow!   Read Story »
Haha, guys, I don't even know what's going on anymore. Is this whole thing just a viral marketing stunt for The Campaign? Fuck America? I'm all for taking life a little less seriously and being…   Read Story »
Herman Cain appeared on Face the Nation over the weekend to clear up some misconceptions brought on by his super normal smoking Mark Block campaign ad. Apparently he doesn't think smoking is cool?…   Read Story »
To be fair, if Christine O'Donnell were elected to the Senate she probably WOULD do what I would do if I was elected to the Senate: walk around in perma-flop sweat, looking really confused and…   Read Story »
If you're a fan of the television program Mr. Show With Bob And David, and everyone should be, you probably can't watch a negative campaign advertisement on the television without thinking of this…   Read Story »
Barack Obama's new campaign ad is weird, you guys: "John McCain still enjoys the California Raisins." "John McCain hasn't seen a comedy since Cool Runnings." "John McCain voted AGAINST Crystal…   Read Story »