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With it being so close to Thanksgiving Hanukkah, I thought it might be somewhat hard to find a caption contest photo for the caption contest this afternoon. The photos all might already be traveling…   Read Story »
Dave Itzkoff and the New York Times have a great oral history of Saturday Night Live up today, featuring twenty-two cast members talking about the audition process. It's great. (And here is Fred…   Read Story »
Here are some images from of Russell Crowe, Emma Watson, and Anthony Hopkins, and cetera, from Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. Did you know Emma Watson is in this movie? I didn't know that, but I feel…   Read Story »
Adam Levine, what a boringly handsome, no-energy robot! Someone refill this guy's battery pack and install a line memorization chip, we can't have his eye units permanently fixed on the cue cards…   Read Story »
Nothing like sitting back at the end of what has seemed like a particularly long week, going over what happened in your head, what didn't happen, what could have happened if only you said or did…   Read Story »
As we all know, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz are best friends. (Jay-Z is her daughter Applebottom's God-Rapper, but that is a different kind of relationship altogether. Friendship doesn't have…   Read Story »
In a recent interview with the Sunday Times (via Dlisted), Cameron Diaz FINALLY broke her legendary silence about the objectification of women: “I think every woman does want to be objectified.…   Read Story »
Thank you all for sending this in but also kind of no thank you, you know?   Read Story »
Here's a first look at Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. It looks very westerny, spoiler alert. -FilmDrunk Last night, Jimmy Fallon played charades with the cast of 30 Rock on Late Night.…   Read Story »
Hey gals, how's it going? I love your blouse! Where did you get that? NO. NO! I had no idea they sold those kinds of blouses at that store! You are always so ahead of all of the fashion things, you…   Read Story »