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I don't watch The Bachelor (though I have seen one episode of The Bachelorette, and it was a complete nightmare!), but I watched last night's "The Limo Introductions Episode" because after watching…   Read Story »
There are new episodes of Burning Love? Didn't we just finish a "season" of that "show"? Fair enough!   Read Story »
"Ford Apologizes For Ads Showing Gagged Women in Car Trunk." You mean Paris Hilton driving around a bunch of gagged Kardashians is not an ok car ad?! -HyperVocal The season finale of Burning Love…   Read Story »
Man, have you guys been watching this season of Burning Love? You should be. It is the best, and I mean it. The best web series that has ever existed. I MEAN IT. Here is a preview for this week's…   Read Story »
The Internet's best web series Burning Love doesn't return until 2013, but for now you can check out the VERY, VERY GOOD cast of its second season. So good. Can't wait.   Read Story »
What are you looking at, you're probably wondering? Uhhh it's only the leaked blueprints for Avatar Land, the Avatar-themed Disney amusement park R U SERIOUS?!?!? -SlashFilm The world we live in is…   Read Story »
If your dad is anything like Don Draper, I'm sure he would love some pottery lessons for Father's Day. (Also I bet he loves being an almost completely static character whose TV show I'm not excited…   Read Story »
A new Breaking Bad poster was "released" today (always so exciting when commercial images are released) and here it is, guys! Walt in a chair surrounded by money and meth with a classic Mean Face on.…   Read Story »