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This month's issue of Allure features an interview with Zooey Deschanel, who explains how horrible and difficult things were for her growing up: She's become BFFs with A-listers like Nicole Richie…   Read Story »
After the jump, you can (and should) watch the trailer for a new documentary called The Bully Project about the bullying crisis in America. I think it goes without saying that I HATE BULLIES. Sorry…   Read Story »
Dad of the Year (you) hands his daughter his on-line gaming headset and allows her to do a little bit of playful trash-talking. Yikes and also headphones UP: "WHERE WERE YOU BORN FROM?!" --…   Read Story »
What's happenin', dogs! You down with OPP? Cool guys. Cooler girls. Let's rap for a second. I know that no one understands what it's like. Your parents DEFINITELY don't understand. Your teachers…   Read Story »
Season 7 of The Ultimate Fighter premiered this week, and what have I been doing for the past six years? This is amazing. It's basically the one true reality show. This is the Highlander of reality…   Read Story »