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Girl Tip: Cover yourself in a flower disguise so everyone will let you devour your dirty bugs in peace! (Via BoingBoing.)   Read Story »
"Oh, it's just a little bug. It's probably more afraid of me than I am of it." That's you, right? "Why would I be afraid of a bug? It's just a part of nature. It's not going to kill me or anything.…   Read Story »
Warning: Do not watch this video of a Florida entomologist/bee enemy detailing his defeat of a "jurassic nest" -- a wasp nest with millions, actual millions, of the tiny wasp devils inside. It is a…   Read Story »
Close your eyes. Imagine drifting to sleep in a big, nice bed -- like the kind of bed you'd find in a fancy hotel that is specifically known for its nice beds. You wake up well-rested and ready for…   Read Story »
Why do bugs exist? That's probably a very good selling point for an atheist. "If God exists, how do you explain bugs? Wouldn't you think a loving God who cared about the souls He created in His image…   Read Story »
Let me begin by saying, as always with the bug videos that we choose to share: Do not watch this video. It is terrible. Why would you ever even want to watch it? Why would anyone, when a video is…   Read Story »
What you're about to see is a pretty gross video of a giant bug being born out of what looks like a creepy pod with a tiny little top hat. You're probably thinking, "Hey Kelly, why do you always want…   Read Story »
I know we're all pretty excited for the reboot of Spider-Man next summer starring Andrew Garfield from The Social Network, and Emma Stone from the #1 movie in America (not a joke!) The Help directed…   Read Story »
There's nothing worse than when there's a huge awful bug in a room and you freak out because they are terrifying and you tell everyone else to just please kill it so you don't have to kill it…   Read Story »
It is well documented that I do not care for sports. Neither does Gabe, I don't think, so it's rare that any exciting sports news gets covered on Videogum. Plus it's not a sports website? I'm sorry…   Read Story »