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Our own Bryan Cranston ("our own" because we like him) is on the cover of GQ this month, and you can read a bit of the cover story over at their website. Whoa, a website for a magazine?! Yes! #2013…   Read Story »
This is a new teaser poster (whatever THAT even means) for the upcoming final season of Breaking Bad about which we are all very excited, I'm sure. As you can see, it features Walter White in his…   Read Story »
BREAKING: A script from the upcoming season of Breaking Bad has been stolen from Bryan Cranston's vehicle in Albuquerque, New Mexico. THIS IS NOT A TEST. Spoilers imminent. Cancel Internet service…   Read Story »
There were rumors going around earlier this week that Jane Kaczmarek, the mother from Malcolm in the MIddle, would be appearing in a couple of episodes of the final season of Breaking Bad, which…   Read Story »
Scenario 1: The children don't know what Breaking Bad is, but you, their parents, think it would be hilarious to dress them up as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman for Halloween. While it's not…   Read Story »
I'm not sure if you guys follow Aaron Paul on Twitter, but if you do you might be aware that every single week he says something like, "This week's episode of Breaking Bad is gonna be a bloodbath!"…   Read Story »
Having spoken so many times this season about what I see as an upsetting overuse of Jesse™ catchphrases and Oprah Winfrey Aha Moments, it might seem slightly contradictory for me to say this, but:…   Read Story »
I liked this cold open a lot! Remember how last week I didn't like the cold open and everyone was upset and acting as if it weren't the first negative thing I've ever said in my whole life about my…   Read Story »
A bunch of new photos from the set of the new Arrested Development were released. I hope so many photos are released throughout the process that we can all make a big flip book of all the photos and…   Read Story »
Uh. So. I really hated the cold open this week! It's frustrating, because I do like the idea that Walt bought Walt Jr. the car that Skyler made him return the first time around -- further proving (as…   Read Story »