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It is getting more and more difficult to write jokey recaps of Breaking Bad, guys! LOL. In a perfect world, this recap would just be "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" over and over until we reached the 5 million…   Read Story »
"What's going to happen? Who's that guy? Wait, what just happened? What did you say? What did Skyler say? What did Hank say? Why is everyone whispering this season?! What's going to happen next time?…   Read Story »
We pick up (almost) where we left off last week: at Walt's house, with Jesse's car parked haphazardly in the driveway. Walt has arrived, gun in hand, to maybe-shoot our poor baby Jesse. He creeps…   Read Story »
INT. METROPOLIS – DAY Superman is in a restaurant having what looks to be a fairly expensive meal with Batman. Batman is scrolling through an app on his phone and Superman is visibly annoyed.…   Read Story »
The episode opens with Todd calling Walt and leaving a message in order to tell him about the recent change in management. "You know, just in case you were wondering. Hah. Ahh. It feels weird that…   Read Story »
Isn't it funny how life works out sometimes? You make all of these small, seemingly insignificant choices, and most of them turn out to be just that, but then some of them -- just as insignificant as…   Read Story »
This week's episode of Breaking Bad begins with an old stranger getting into his truck in either the dark of night or the dark of very early morning. "Oh no, he's going to die!" I think, because I've…   Read Story »
When we left Breaking Bad last summer, Jesse and Walt had decided to leave the meth business for good and Hank had decided to go number two at Skyler and Walt's house. Sounds perfect, right? Well,…   Read Story »
AHHH, GROSS! As we know, Bryan Cranston escaped having to interact with people while walking through the crowd at Comic-Con to the Breaking Bad panel by wearing a Heisenberg mask. Clever girl. We…   Read Story »
A hat shop named Goorin Bros hat shop are the hat makers responsible for Walter White's "Heisenberg" hat in the popular TV series, Breaking Bad. Well, sure! Someone had to make that hat, it didn't…   Read Story »