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Gabe: hi kelly Kelly: Hi, Gabe Kelly: What's up Gabe: i'll tell you what's up Gabe: the trailer for sacha baron cohen's The Dictator came out today Kelly: Oh yeah I saw it. Gabe: that…   Read Story »
In retrospect, I don't think I liked Bruno overall. It was only medium funny, and it had a lot of really confusing mixed messages. But I definitely liked this scene in which he finally takes down Big…   Read Story »
Uh oh. It is like 9/11 all over again. From the New York Post: Sacha Baron Cohen has stepped up his security after being threatened by a terrorist organization that is angered at its portrayal in…   Read Story »
Just kidding. Brittny Gastineau looks just as smart as she is, which, again, to reiterate, is zero. Remember when she was acting (not acting) the fool in Bruno? Well that was all just a goof, you…   Read Story »
On The View this morning, Barbara Walters "reviewed" Bruno. SPOILER ALERT: she didn't like it. She claimed that she did not need to know how people "are doing anal intercourse," that she had a…   Read Story »
Unlike for Sexman, Bruno met all of my expectations. I expected there to be really funny parts in the movie, and there were! And I expected certain aspects of the movie to leave me feeling kind of…   Read Story »
Today, Bruno: The Movie is out in theaters to inspire drunken frat boys in desperate need of a catchphrase, and a flood of downtown Halloween costumes. So let last night's appearance by Sacha Baron…   Read Story »
Sorry in advance for how quiet this is. And for how it cuts out at the end. When I am the President of YouTube (a subsidiary of Entertainment), mistakes like this will be high treason. A rare look…   Read Story »
A Bruno impostor hijacked the Sydney premiere. Pulling up in a hot pink Hummer limo, dressed in what looks to be a Midwestern teenager in summer school's thrift store approximation of what gay people…   Read Story »
Pauly Shore might sue Sacha Baron Cohen. From the New York Daily News: There may be more trouble brewing for Sacha Baron Cohen. Comedian Pauly Shore is the latest person to threaten the "Bruno" star…   Read Story »