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Trailer for season 6 of The Hills, you guys: It's hard to figure out what Kristin Cavallari says in the part that's bleeped out. "You [bleeped] with the wrong girl, dude." Hmmm. "You have devoted…   Read Story »
Spencer has changed. Says Spencer. He has breakfast with Heidi's long suffering mom, Darlene, and explains that he's been going to therapy. He's already done the early-20's "sleazy guy thing," he…   Read Story »
Last night's MTV Movie Awards were weird, because much of the two-hour paid advertisement for upcoming blockbusters (like the Sandra Bullock/Ryan Reynolds rom com The Proposal. JK.) was ACTUALLY…   Read Story »
Since Lauren Conrad has said that this is her last season of The Hills, but because MTV has already announced that they're going ahead with a sixth, Lauren-free season, you can see how the producers…   Read Story »
MTV has confirmed that they will be moving forward with a a sixth season of The Hills without Lauren Conrad. Videogum has confirmed that it will not be moving forward with a sixth season of The Hills…   Read Story »
Heidi and Spencer got married last weekend. I suppose one could imagine a reality in which The Hills is like a documentary about the Civil War. Sure, you know how it's going to end, but there is so…   Read Story »
It seems fair to assume that when The Hills first started, the system for creating (and when necessary, recreating) dramatic conflict or narrative arcs was already well established, and while it got…   Read Story »
The new Funny Or Die video starring Zac Efron, Tom Lennon, Justin Long, and all the other celebrities commits at least eight or nine comedy sins (Brody Jenner recites "smart" conversation, you know,…   Read Story »
A guy on Craigslist in Chicago leaves a Missed Connection for Brody Jenner. Is Brody secretly gay? More importantly, is rubbing ice cubes on your chest something that people in Chicago think is…   Read Story »
The Hills season 5 preview trailer (via I'mNotObsessed), you guys: No. Since the season 4 finale in December, Barack Obama was sworn in as President, the economy spiraled out of control, and…   Read Story »