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In order to announce their engagement, a couple photographed themselves recreating some movie posters, and I DON'T HATE IT! It's pretty good! They did a good job, I wish them a happy life.…   Read Story »
Over at NPR's website, Linda Holmes breaks down the presence of women in summer (and non-summer) movies and it's not looking great. Oh well, we'll always have that ONE movie!   Read Story »
What movie scene are you going to recreate for your wedding party photos? I'm going to do the bed scene in Buffalo '66, probably, with just all of us on the bed. The boys will be the boy and the…   Read Story »
Hey, we all love movies! We love going to movies, we love watching movies on our telephones, we love seeing movies we didn't even ever want to see if it's showing for free on an airplane because for…   Read Story »
Huh. The original Bridesmaids poster was "funny" because it had the cast of the movie wearing "pretty" wedding clothes but standing around in decidedly un-pretty poses. They looked tough and mean and…   Read Story »
There's a new trailer out today for Lena Dunham's upcoming HBO "dramedy" Girls and it looks fine. I enjoyed Dunham's feature film, Tiny Furniture, and this show clearly has the same tone, not to…   Read Story »
Ugh, finally Courtney Stodden is doing something again. Every time she disappears for a little while I'm afraid she's going to realize what she's doing and never come back. But nope! Here she is, as…   Read Story »
Gabe: Kelly, you OK? Kelly: I'm fine, why do you ask? Gabe: oh, so you haven't heard the news? Kelly: Oh no, I guess not. Gabe: that Hollywood is considering making a sequel to…   Read Story »
Have you ever wondered how sketch groups you like got their names? Not really? Not really but you'd certainly welcome the information anyway? Great! -Splitsider Paul Feig talks about his…   Read Story »
There has been a lot of talk lately about the state of women in comedy and how women can be funny, maybe even just as funny as non-women, and how maybe women aren't very well-represented in comedy,…   Read Story »