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Just for laughs: A video of Anderson Cooper & Emmitt Smith testing out a leaf blower in each other's faces -AndersonLive Jimmy Fallon & Brian Williams Slow-Jammed The News last night, and…   Read Story »
This week Louis C.K. hosted SNL and then President Obama was re-elected. Which one of the two was more important to the Internet? It's still too close to call. But let's look at GIFs about both of…   Read Story »
Kelly: Hey, Gabe! Gabe: hey kelly! Kelly: FOUR MORE YEARS! Kelly: FOUR MORE YEARS! Gabe: THE LAST FOUR, LET'S MAKE THEM COUNT! Gabe: THE LAST FOUR, LET'S MAKE THEM COUNT! Kelly: SEE YOU IN…   Read Story »
AMC has confirmed that Mad Men will return on March 25, beginning with a two-hour long episode. WHOA! That's as long as a movie! Though Jon Hamm will not direct it, as was previously speculated. But…   Read Story »
You guys, Brian Williams, THE BRIAN WILLIAMS, will be interviewing Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer Camp about Marcel the Shell with Shoes On tonight on his show Rock Center. So, that's great.   Read Story »
A Dog and an Orangutan are friends and guys it is the best thing. -BWE How to defend The Killing if you absolutely have to, other than just by crying until the other person gives up which is how I…   Read Story »
Remember when Katie Couric left the Today Show to take over the Nightly News desk as America's first primetime female news anchor and everyone was like, "This is ridiculous! What's next, a female…   Read Story »
It is nice to see Brian Williams in the hot seat for once. You know. After watching him for all these years asking people absurdist joke questions on stage at film festivals. Taste of your own…   Read Story »
Weird. Friday night, the Friar's Club had a surprise roast of noted comedian Matt Lauer, and even Tom Cruise showed up to make fun of him (using his own material!) This morning The Today Show aired…   Read Story »
I have no idea whether Tiki Barber is widely known for being likeable, because I don't follow sports, but he seems immensely likeable, so if someone was going to say the C-word in the context of a…   Read Story »