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Two Caption This! contests in one week? WHERE WE ARE GOING WE DON'T NEED ANY RULES. Now, obviously, we know what Brett Ratner is thinking, which is: "I wonder if I can sneak Diet Red Bulls laced with…   Read Story »
Well, so many of you have sent this in as a tip, that clearly it is your favorite thing. Brett "My Name Is Synonymous With Talent" Ratner claims that his short-film contribution to New York, I Love…   Read Story »
On CNN right now. Or watch this video of Michael Jackson and Brett Ratner dancing to R. Kelly in a rented car.   Read Story »
Brett Ratner told a reporter he wants to direct a movie based on Guitar Hero and gives his aggressively obvious idea for the plot. Best quote: "Not that I would make a bad movie."   Read Story »
MTV buried the lede on this one. When "Rush Hour" director Brett Ratner isn't busy with big-screen projects, he takes a trip to the small screen -- at least when Mariah Carey comes calling. The…   Read Story »
Finally, it's here! Womp womp. Oh well. It seemed like a dream team, Mariah Carey and Jack McBrayer could have been our generation's Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, or at least this year's…   Read Story »