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"What's going to happen? Who's that guy? Wait, what just happened? What did you say? What did Skyler say? What did Hank say? Why is everyone whispering this season?! What's going to happen next time?…   Read Story »
We pick up (almost) where we left off last week: at Walt's house, with Jesse's car parked haphazardly in the driveway. Walt has arrived, gun in hand, to maybe-shoot our poor baby Jesse. He creeps…   Read Story »
Drake-ing Bad. -DrakeingBad Downton Abbey season four trailer, you guys! Check out what's up with all of our old-timey, ageless pals. -ENTV Harry Connick Jr. is coming to the judge's panel on…   Read Story »
Gosh, can you believe the VMAs weren't even a week ago? It's seems like we've been talking about them for years! Let's look at these GIFs about the VMAs, and these GIFs about the other things that…   Read Story »
Watch Jay Pharoah’s Kanye parody “I Am A Dog." -Stereogum The owners of the Mexican restaurant from last week's Breaking Bad episode spoke with The Wrap and reported that the number of people…   Read Story »
Amy Sherman-Palladino released a goodbye video from the cast of Bunheads and it, like everything else I see from Bunheads, makes me feel guilty that I never watched Bunheads. It looks…   Read Story »
The episode opens with Todd calling Walt and leaving a message in order to tell him about the recent change in management. "You know, just in case you were wondering. Hah. Ahh. It feels weird that…   Read Story »
Scientology held their 44th Anniversary Gala at the Celebrity Centre in L.A this past weekend and Dlisted has a very chill photo gallery of the event. Looking good, guys! -Dlisted For the New York…   Read Story »
This week went by really quickly! Right? We all have the same feelings and experience life through the same lens? Which means that you guys are a bit thirsty but also might just have some coffee…   Read Story »
Who is this Kanye West impersonator in the preview clip of his Kris Interview?! Did one of the Kardashians crawl into a Kanye suit? SINCE WHEN DO TALK SHOWS HAVE SEASONS?! -Stereogum Here's a great…   Read Story »