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If "AHHHHHH!" written over and over again would've served well as last week's recap, this week's recap should be exclusively wide-eyed silence. I'm not sure how to convey that in text. Like this, I…   Read Story »
Oh, what a long week it has been. It's crazy how one three-day weekend a million years ago can throw you off so much, you know? I could talk about it for hours. Instead of that, though, do you just…   Read Story »
Wait, there's going to be a Paddington movie? Did I know this already, or no? I feel like I didn't! Filming has just started, it's going to be a mixture of live action and CG, and Colin Firth,…   Read Story »
Listen, I know it's kind of a convoluted party game. What, did you think I typed all of that into the title and thought, "Oh yeah, this makes sense and is fun and easy to understand"? No way, dude.…   Read Story »
Late Night With Jimmy Fallon's "Joking Bad" is here, and it is great. Also kind of dangerous in that it might make you want to watch the entire series over again, and that is going to waste so much…   Read Story »
Uh-oh. Rumors about a Saul Goodman spinoff following the end of Breaking Bad have been floating around for the past few months, spoken about sometimes with excitement but more often with nervous…   Read Story »
It is getting more and more difficult to write jokey recaps of Breaking Bad, guys! LOL. In a perfect world, this recap would just be "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" over and over until we reached the 5 million…   Read Story »
Here's a great collection of behind-the-scenes photos from the past few seasons of Breaking Bad. R.I.P. so soon! -Uproxx Eminem appeared on ESPN over the weekend to promote his new album and, uh,…   Read Story »
GIFS! GIFS! GIFS! GIFS GIFS GIFS! GIFS! GIFS! GIFS GIFS GIFS! GIFS! GIFS! GIFS GIFS GIFS! EVERYBODY! (I know I've done "GIFs" to the tune of "Shots" before, but I do think of it every single time I…   Read Story »
 X-Men: Days of Future Past teaser photo, everybody! -/Film Entertainment Weekly spoke with Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad coexecutive producer Peter Gould and executive story editor Gennifer…   Read Story »