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Do you forget what the cast of Game of Thrones looks like? Well, remember what they look like with these set pictures from the upcoming season! -ONTD Norm Macdonald does not think that the end of…   Read Story »
Gov. Shut down? Gov Shut up! Breaking Bad? Baking Dad! Drop the Meth pick an apple! What do you expect America When we canonize a sociopath?— Billy Zane (@BillyZane) October 1,…   Read Story »
I'm not finished talking about Breaking Bad yet! It's the Monday after the series premiere, I think we still have a few (pre-government shutdown) hours during which we could discuss it and still feel…   Read Story »
Oops, a poster for Diana had to be removed from Princess Diana's death site. :-/ Whoops whoops whoops! #mondays -FilmDrunk “B*TCH” -- Michael Cera -Stereogum Musical comedy duo Garfunkel…   Read Story »
After five seasons, however many episodes, lots of deaths, a good amount of meth, more than enough teethface, and hundreds of love letters to Jesse c/o Breaking Bad returned to sender, we've made it…   Read Story »
These are your Nicolas Cage pillows. -FilmDrunk Martin Freeman will star in the upcoming Cohen Brothers-produced FX series Fargo. Hey, that's great! He's great! -DigitalSpy Jimmy Kimmel…   Read Story »
As we approach what is to be truly one of the saddest weekends of our whole entire lives (on our death bed, with tears in our eyes, we'll tell our loved ones that our only regret is having ever…   Read Story »
Last night's Conan was entirely Breaking Bad-themed. The entire cast of Breaking Bad was on it to talk about Breaking Bad, and also there were Breaking Bad skits! It would have been easier if you had…   Read Story »
Scarlett Johansson is a very pretty alien in the extended Under the Skin trailer. I would trust her, even after watching it! She's so pretty, how could you say no? TAKE ME 2 UR PLANET, JUST KEEP UR…   Read Story »