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1,058 Mars One applicants have made the first cut in the television contest to go to Mars and die there. -CBS Speaking of contests, the person who won the contest to watch Breaking Bad with the…   Read Story »
At Cardboard Box Office, Lilly, Leon, and a baby recreate famous movie scenes and remind you that you are for sure on the Internet, without question. -CardboardBoxOffice Not as many people saw…   Read Story »
You can now watch Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's First Promo for the 2014 Golden Globes, if you'd like to. Although you probably already saw it last night, when it aired during the live Sound of Music…   Read Story »
"Mommy, if you named me after Grandma Jane, why did Grandma Jane name you Skyler?" "Well, sweets, a long time ago there was a television show called Breaking Bad on a channel known for its…   Read Story »
Watch Robyn meet the Swedish robot built in her honor. #robotuprising #robynuprising -Stereogum Family Guy killed off a main character last night. To avoid spoilers, I will not tell you which…   Read Story »
Want to watch Vince Gilligan unbox Breaking Bad: The Complete Series? You can! If you want! -/Film Speaking of, the much talked about (by Aaron Paul) video of Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston reading…   Read Story »
You can't watch the Breaking Bad gag real that was going around earlier today anymore, wah-wah, but you can still watch the Malcolm in the Middle/Breaking Bad alternate ending if you'd like to! STOP…   Read Story »
Your Friend: Oh, your photos are so cute! What are you guys dressed up as? You: Thank you! We're dressed up as the characters from the show Breaking Bad. Your Friend: Oohh, sure, sure, I've heard a…   Read Story »
The Better Call Saul spinoff was confirmed by AMC (:-/) before the final episode of Breaking Bad aired, but avoided #SPOILING anything about who might live or die in that final episode by claiming…   Read Story »
A bit of photographic evidence from a very manly mini-Friday Night Lights reunion. -Vulture Here are Matt Zoller Seitz's documentary/video essay episodes, based on his book The Wes Anderson…   Read Story »