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Say goodbye to boring old stupid Monday mornings that turn up the mental volume of the clock ticking ever closer to death, and say hello to eggs that come out of the shell scrambled! LIFE CAN BE…   Read Story »
1. A human witch. You'd be scared at first but then she would say, "I'm here to grant you one wish." And you'd say, "Oh, that is great! I thought you were going to do something scary!" And she would…   Read Story »
It's December 20th. There is only one day left in the work week before we all leave for our Holiday work vacations, and possibly only one day left before our world meets its timely end -- the perfect…   Read Story »
If I had 10 wishes, somewhere in the latter 5 I would wish that every video on the Internet were replaced with a video detailing the "most expensive" food or drink item for every food or drink in the…   Read Story »
What? Breakfast time! Kix and bananas. What? (Via TastefullyOffensive.)   Read Story »
Good morning. It's the morning, so here is a video about eggs. "Kelly, just because it's the morning doesn't mean we're going to care about a video about eggs." Oh, really? Well you don't even know…   Read Story »
A common misconception about the Porno Switcheroo is that it is limited to visual mediums. While it is certainly true that the majority of Porno Switcheroos occur on VHS cassettes, ripped DVDs, and…   Read Story »
I know that this ad was basically tailor-made for the Internet and I am blatantly falling for its crass manipulations of the nerdiest pleasure centers, but what can I say? My nerdy pleasure centers…   Read Story »
As I have mentioned before, there is nothing funnier than a list of "all the examples." But when you combine a list of "all the examples" with a song about what kinds of breakfast you won't need…   Read Story »