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Before I say anything, I do want to point out that reading coverage of TV shows on blogs, especially if you are reading blog like this one, (a great blog), is pretty much just reading people watch…   Read Story »
For whatever reason, reality TV still feels like a kind of new thing even though it is so beyond new it is not even funny. At this point we should just call it TV, right? It's not a special kind of…   Read Story »
Have you guys watched any of Bravo's Gallery Girls? I watched the first two episodes last night and HOLY MOLY those girls! Just awful! When you watch a cobbled-together "reality" show you do kind of…   Read Story »
When we last heard from Patti Stanger, host and matchmaker of Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker, she was under a bit of scrutiny for announcing on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live that gay men are unable…   Read Story »
Bravo announced a new reality show about the I Can Haz Cheeseburger network of blogs. That's why everyone got to leave work early today: the coast-to-coast celebration enjoyed by all Americans.…   Read Story »
Patti Stanger, the host of Millionaire Matchmaker, appeared on Andy Cohen's Watch What Trainwreck Live over the weekend and said inflammatory things about gays and Jews. In particular, she said that…   Read Story »
I believe that we are living in a Golden Age of television. Shows like The Wire and The Sopranos raised the bar of what a dramatic television series could and should strive to be. Comedy shows like…   Read Story »
It's very hard to have sympathy for people on reality TV because it's 2009, and we all know what the rules are at this point. Perhaps in an earlier time, let's say in a pre-Joe Millionaire world, it…   Read Story »
Last night, at midnight, with very little fanfare, Bravo launched a new weekly late night talk show hosted by Andy "When I Grow Up I'm Going to Exploit Teenagers for Money and Try to Get Famous by…   Read Story »
Dear Bravo, I guess it would be hard to run a TV station on the evening of an historic presidential election when it doesn't make any sense for you to broadcast the returns. But seriously, Bravo?…   Read Story »