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During a recent appearance on the Graham Norton Show, Bradley Cooper addressed the controversy surrounding his "Sexiest Man Alive" title, admitting that Ryan Gosling does obviously wear pea coats…   Read Story »
People announced their annual Sexiest Man Alive issue today, and the winner is Bradley Cooper. Let's just table that for a second. But we are definitely going to come back to that. Bradley Cooper's…   Read Story »
Remember when Bradley Cooper was going to be in a remake of The Crow for a few minutes back in April? Of course, how could you forget! Well, now you can see what could have been with some "Bradley…   Read Story »
The Bible, you guys, so hot right now. Apparently I am not joking? According to the Paper of Record, the Hollywood Reporter, we are about to see a whole wave (they use the word "flood" because they…   Read Story »
That leaves us with a very important (I am definitely using "very important" correctly) question: WHO SHOULD BE IN THE CROW REMAKE?! #Birdie4Crow   Read Story »
"JUST KEEP TALKING I DON'T CARE WHAT IT MEANS." -Ladies, Me (Via Celebuzz)   Read Story »
This shouldn't need and probably doesn't need to be said, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I mean, obviously. In the words of those Madea subway posters: no dehr. People always say that…   Read Story »
You know what they say: the longer the holiday weekend, the more time you have to watch this week's Videogum Movie Club selection so that you have something to say about it when we call the Family…   Read Story »
Last night, Bradley Cooper went on Conan to talk about Very Bad Trip 2 and recounted a gross anecdote that is gross and so gross. Gross!   Read Story »
Recently, some items were stolen from the landing of my building. Namely, a pair of boots and one of those collapsible, rolling shopping carts that old ladies (and I) use for groceries. I'm not…   Read Story »