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The Chris Gethard Show celebrates 100 episodes tonight on New York Public Access, but you can also celebrate on-line. Very niiiiiiice! (Borat says "Congratulations to that show!")   Read Story »
Now that The Hunger Games has popularized government-imposed sport killing for children, the CW is looking to get in on some of that sweet action with a Battle Royale TV show. #verynice   Read Story »
Gabe: hi kelly Kelly: Hi, Gabe Kelly: What's up Gabe: i'll tell you what's up Gabe: the trailer for sacha baron cohen's The Dictator came out today Kelly: Oh yeah I saw it. Gabe: that…   Read Story »
After years of living in the long shadow of Borat's silly caricaturization of their long and rich history and peoples, reducing a noble and proud former Soviet Republic to a struggling band of…   Read Story »
Sorry in advance for how quiet this is. And for how it cuts out at the end. When I am the President of YouTube (a subsidiary of Entertainment), mistakes like this will be high treason. A rare look…   Read Story »
New Bruno poster, you guys. Expert job Photoshopping the legs into the edelweiss. You can just feel the freshly bloomed flowers tickling his severed ankles. Seriously, did I make this poster? This…   Read Story »
There's a first trailer for the Sundance curiosity Paper Heart, a mockumentary about comedian Charlyne Yi's fake search for the true nature of love, also starring her boyfriend Michael Cera: Even…   Read Story »
The celebrities can't stop making their get out the vote ads. That's fine. Leave them to it. It gets boring having cocaine brunch next to the champagne fountain every morning. Sometimes you just want…   Read Story »
Great news for people who have time machines and regularly travel back to 2006! A New York judge has dismissed three lawsuits against Borat. From the AP: NEW YORK -- A New York judge has tossed out…   Read Story »
Good news for the Bruno movie: even after the over-saturation of mildly-xenophobic "fish out of water" comedy that was the Borat movie and the media blitzkreig surrounding the Borat movie, it's…   Read Story »