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"You have my sword." "And my sword." "And my sword!" Oh brother. Don't get me wrong, I love a good sword fight (no homo) as much as the next guy (no homo), but does this really need to be in 3D?…   Read Story »
Apparently there IS some nostalgia to this shit right here. (Get it? Old stuff! IMDB Memorable Quotes!)   Read Story »
Have you guys been following this Tiger Mom business? I think it's about how to turn your child into a violin? Something like that. There's math equations in it? In any case, now it is going to…   Read Story »
After the jump, the video that is really making the rounds today, in which a young boy opens his Christmas present only to discover it's a bunch of dumb fucking books. Personally, I deeply relate to…   Read Story »
This is a recipe for DISASTER! Get it? Recipes? (The joke is that cookbooks have recipes in them but then "recipe for disaster" is a common expression about disaster. And Gwyneth Paltrow is the…   Read Story »
Sort of. I mean, the lead reviewer for the New York Times book review section, Michiko Kakutani, wrote a review in "the voice" of Brian the dog from Family Guy. Again: sort of. I mean, not really at…   Read Story »
She's a fancy girl all the way. "Let's watch this video all the way through just one more time to make sure it's perfect before posting it to the Internet. OK, done. It's definitely perfect.…   Read Story »
We are giving away two (TWO!) copies of Roger Sterling's memoirs, Sterling's Gold. (Yes, books are for nerds, but we are nerds.) To win: post the name of YOUR memoirs in the comments. Two highest…   Read Story »
Whoa. Great news, you guys. Heaven definitely exists. Let this child tell you all about it. Awesome! Can't wait. Might just kill myself right now and beat you guys there. (Thanks for the tip,…   Read Story »