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Spike Jonze has directed a new animated short called Mourir Auprès de Toi, which translates as To Die by Your Side, and it is delightful. Books! Felt! Very good. Personally, I think the short…   Read Story »
Books -- soooooo gross, right? What do I look like, a nerd who doesn't even care about making the slightest effort to not look like a nerd? No thank you. Audio books are just as gross, maybe even…   Read Story »
I don't know what Pride And Prejudice And Zombies is. These are the things I know about it: It's Pride And Prejudice with zombies included somehow, my nerdy brother really likes it, and it was…   Read Story »
It's about magic versus reality, and here he is talking about it. I hope Ricky Gervais's parents give it to him for his birthday and it teaches him how to be a less annoying atheist.   Read Story »
Everyone in this video is TOO natural and TOO comfortable in front of the camera saying what they definitely REALLY feel. It's crazy how loose and RAW people get when you just turn on the camera and…   Read Story »
So many 9/11 coloring books aren't made with any integrity and they are always shying away from the truth. This one's different. The thing about coloring books for children about horrific…   Read Story »
Jane Lynch's new book, Happy Accidents, is out now. Here is a trailer for it. Books!   Read Story »
Lauren Conrad (LC to us fans) is, of course, the former star of MTV's Laguna Beach and The Hills. Who could forget those wonderful adventures? Now she is one of America's most beloved, Pulitzer-prize…   Read Story »
Hollywood is taking another shot at turning Neil Strauss's awful book into a movie. Kind of wish they would just bring the reality show back instead.   Read Story »
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is putting together a collection of short stories? Featuring stories written by complete strangers he meets on the Internet? Uptalking? More information on this weird thing here.   Read Story »