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Guys, I think it's time we re-evaluated Rollerblades. I'm pretty sure they're cool again as of right now. They are definitely cooler than that stupid Heisenberg hat I will tell you what.   Read Story »
Aww, poor celebrities. They always have to be "on." I'm just kidding, I do not feel bad for them. And also, they don't have to always be "on," and often they are not "on," unless you mean "on…   Read Story »
You know what is weird? Meeting people who don't spend every waking second on the Internet is weird. Like, your family, probably. Or the waitstaff at a diner. (Those are the two types of people that…   Read Story »
Sorry guys, we have to do the 2009 Academy Awards again, we messed up. After we KILL HITLER, let's point the Time Machine to last February and give all the Oscars to Bollywood He-Man and the Masters…   Read Story »
Give this thirty seconds, and it will give you a smile on your face: I enjoy this kind of evidence that someone out there in the world got really, really stoned and watched a beloved TV show from…   Read Story »