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Are you guys watching Broad City? You should be watching Broad City! I hesitate to compare it to Girls, because although on the outside they are composed of similar parts, they are very different,…   Read Story »
Imagine a young teen in a fight with her parents, and she runs into her room and right before she slams the door shut she yells, "I WISH I LIVED INSIDE OF A GIF!" Hahaha. "I'M SO SICK OF LIVING…   Read Story »
Kroll Show! Kroll Show! Kroll Shoooooooow! Kroll Show is back and genuinely better than ever! Since the first season, the show seems to have figured out the oddly sweet, weird tone it wants to hit,…   Read Story »
God, it feels good to have a terrible reason to not leave the house again. There is truly nothing like deciding not to do something because it is cold outside and "shows are on." At once incredibly…   Read Story »
I cannot believe how many people I know watched the live Sound of Music last night on NBC. I even watched it! Some of it! Carrie Underwood -- a little bit better than Julie Andrews? I know you don't…   Read Story »
Remember when we talked about how the upcoming season of the Real World was going to feature ex-girlfriends and -boyfriends of the roommates? You remember. It seemed like it was going to be very bad?…   Read Story »
Want to see how Disney animated such beautiful, snowy snow for Frozen? You can! If you watch this video! -/Film HBO might do a Napoleon (NOT Napoleon Dynamite) miniseries based on a script…   Read Story »
Oh, gosh. We're back to a point where the amount of comedy we watch on TV is overwhelming, and I don't even know where to begin. I guess I'll begin with the one that's ending: It's Always Sunny In…   Read Story »
BILLY ON THE SHOW! Billy Eichner's "Craig" was the only Eagleton doppleganger left in the "maybe" column at the conclusion of last night's episode, so I hope that means that he will be back next…   Read Story »
Here are six new posters for Ducktails, from Mondo. Sure. -/Film Jake Johnson talked to The Playlist about Drinking Buddies and his background in improv. I suggest reading it, and also going to see…   Read Story »