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So sad to hear that Beyonce dropped out of the Super Bowl half time show and was replaced with Bob Dylan, but just delighted that Tim Heidecker has leaked Dylan's half time song, “Running Out The…   Read Story »
The Internet's favorite song, "Friday," gets re-imagined by a Bob Dylan impersonator. I'm now holding my breath for the "I'm Zack" remix.   Read Story »
So, Renee Zellweger has returned from her break and is starring alongside Forest Whitaker in a new movie called My Own Love Song. The movie is basically Duets 2: The Squinty Eyed Female Crazy Heart,…   Read Story »
I hate this so much. Congratulations to Bob Dylan on the very cool shout out. He’s so famous he probably has one of these right in his own home. Lucky! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to…   Read Story »
Normally, none of us would watch an AOL interview with Jewel, right? I mean, whatever, Jewel, be Jewel, write songs, don't be homeless, live and let live. But intrigued by a post on ONTD calling Ms.…   Read Story »