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This week's episode of The Simpsons features a tribute to animator and filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki, which you can watch online now, if you'd like to! -FOX HBO has renewed Girls for a fourth season,…   Read Story »
Watch Robyn meet the Swedish robot built in her honor. #robotuprising #robynuprising -Stereogum Family Guy killed off a main character last night. To avoid spoilers, I will not tell you which…   Read Story »
On the set of Star Trek Into Darkness, Simon Pegg #SETPRANKED multiple members of the cast, telling them they had to wear "Neutron Cream"  in certain scenes. You can watch the #setprank in action,…   Read Story »
Here is Patton Oswalt's first paid acting gig, a 1990 educational video about student loans. Spoiler alert his first joke is about airline food!! -Splitsider In this preview clip from this…   Read Story »
As it turns out, nothing in this show is real? Every object is make believe, no one exists, and the people who put it all together are geniuses who will one day put into effect some sort of Twilight…   Read Story »
Do you go to Oberlin? Do you want to write for The Grape? No? What if I told you that Lena Dunham wrote for The Grape? Do you want to write for it now? Ok perfect, I'll see you at the general…   Read Story »
Sesame Street did an online parody of Boardwalk Empire, titled Birdwalk Empire, and it is, as all online Sesame Street parodies of things are, very charming. -AVClub Hey, did any of you guys like…   Read Story »
Amanda Bynes told People Magazine that she thinks she's doing "amazing," which sounds about right. Will someone go to her house and check on her, though? Just to make sure? -Dlisted Want to watch…   Read Story »
Profile of the actor who played Omar comin'! (Oof. Sorry.) does have an in-depth profile of Michael K. Williams's history of drug abuse and acting, though, which is interesting for Michael K.…   Read Story »
New York Magazine has a great feature on the history of the Upright Citizen's Brigade in NYC. There is no reason why you shouldn't read it! -NYMag I'm not going to watch this Game of Thrones season…   Read Story »