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The Game of Thrones Comic-Con panel opened with an “In Memoriam” video, honoring the many Game of Thronesers who have fallen. R.I.P. everybody. -/Film Netflix is going to expand its original…   Read Story »
This is your Star Trek back tattoo. -FashionablyGeek There has been a lot of outrage on the Internet in the past few days, but I don't think there has been any greater than the outrage expressed by…   Read Story »
This week, as far as trailers is concerned, is like the platonic ideal of a movie trailers round up. We're sort of in that gray area where the summer movies are actually in theaters and the winter…   Read Story »
The first image from Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine has been released, and it definitely looks like a movie, or at LEAST a picture. -Collider Wreck-It Ralph has released a half-hour mockumentary that…   Read Story »
A bunch of outtakes from VF's January Comedy Issue, including this adorable shot of Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner -VanityFair Oh God Adrien Brody What Are You Doing? -Gawker Best Week Ever is coming…   Read Story »