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Yep. All good! Alive and well. (Via OHYST.)   Read Story »
"Before the guy who programmed this local news station zombie alert came into my life, I was just so boring! Go to work, come home, go to work. There was no whimsy, no excitement. I barely played any…   Read Story »
OK, I'm a full grown adult in my mid-50s, but…   Read Story »
It's nice when things don't end up as bad as you expect they will! #AIRHORNSOUND #AIRHORNSOUND (Via SayOMG.)   Read Story »
During the hectic holiday season, where everything is heightened and celebratory and we lose ourselves in egg nog and shopping and whatever other indulgences we tell ourselves we "deserve" after…   Read Story »
What? Did he say it wrong again? (Via Amyohconnor.)   Read Story »
What, do we think we're better than watching this weatherman blooper? We're not better than this! We can try to pretend that we don't want to watch this weatherman blooper all we want, but when it…   Read Story »
I have some news. First, I want you to know that everything is all right. There is no need to panic. It's just that something happened with Russell Crowe this weekend that we wanted to wait to tell…   Read Story »
It's not always easy to sort out good advice from bad, but in some cases you hear something and you just think, "Yes." Or maybe even, "Yes, very good advice." For example, I once read a letter to…   Read Story »
Hey Zach, you wanna make sure that the judges won't accept Magic Pand, though? Like, I get it that there's a "right" answer but I'm pretty sure AT LEAST, like, if not Magic Pand, that AT LEAST Magic…   Read Story »